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By the time several sectors of the economy point to a low expectation of growth, Wortex celebrates sales made during the International Fair of Plastics. According to Paolo de Filippis, Director of Wortex the Feiplastic produced results beyond expectations, with the completion of the sale of a line of sheet extrusion, whose negotiations had begun before the fair, and the marketing of a line Challenger Recycler for recycling, that was effected during Feiplastic. To post Monday, also expect good results: "We sell a line of plates of Amut-Wortex, fruit of the joint venture started in 2013 with the Italian group Amut. The technology of this machine, already produced in Campinas (SP) plant allows producing 900 kg / hour of polypropylene plates, meeting all safety requirements of the Brazilian law, "explains de Filippis.

The goal of Wortex for 2015 is to increase sales by 10% and, therefore, the company is betting and investing in a new line of post-consumer material laundering. Filippis Paolo is an enthusiastic sustainable use of plastics and their wide recyclability, "We believe in the potential of the recycling market, which is expected to grow between 10% and 15% this year. There are many entrepreneurs working in this sector, which is rapidly moving in the country. " And to absorb projects that meet from small to large entrepreneur, Amut-Wortex offers complete systems for equipment ranging from the separation of selective collection materials, plastic films, various profiles, and other materials that can be recycled.

"We made excellent contacts in Feiplastic and look forward to negotiating other projects - including a request that is under review of a film extruder line", anticipated the executive.

Created in 2013, the Amut-Wortex is a joint venture between Wortex, a Brazilian manufacturer of equipment for extrusion, and Amut SpA, an Italian company with long tradition also in the plastics processing segment by extrusion. The Amut-Wortex is an independent company and has headquarters and own manufacturing facilities in Campinas. The Italian group Amut has 51% of the shares of Amut-Wortex and Brazilian Wortex holds 49% of its total share capital.

The nationalization index of the machines manufactured by AMUT-Wortex is at least 65%, with only more differentiated components and technology-intensive, as the head of extrusion, are imported from Italy. Today, the local content is around 70%, with all electro-electronics and software of the joint venture's machines are provided by Wortex.

With the new recently established partnership between Italy Amut group and Dolci Biellone the Amut-Wortex also have access to advanced technologies for the segments of type cast films, stretch and multilayer. The partnership Amut with Dolci Biellone also will add to the joint venture Amut-Wortex its expertise in flexography segment.

 News II

Source: Press Office - Wortex