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Release: Challenger Recycler Conical Generation II

Challenger Recycler Conical Generation II is designed for reuse of plastic shavings without losing the quality of the material

São Paulo, July 2017 - Wortex Máquinas, a manufacturer of equipment for the plastic industry, has just launched Challenger Recycler Conical 55mm - Generation II, a machine designed to reuse chips, refills and polyethylene or polypropylene coils, with Low degradation rate of the material allowing to be used as virgin material.

It is a machine designed for companies that want to manage their own chips with a low investment and fast return. This investment will guarantee the recycling of the material at the foot of the machine thus obtaining the quality and standardization of the grains that allow its return to the doser, optimizing the gains in the extrusion process.

Challenger Recycler Conical Generation II has a production capacity of about 90kg / h (which can vary up to 15% of that value, for more or less), depending on the thickness of the film to be recycled, with low energy consumption, between 0 , 26 to 0.28 kw / kg.

The main differentials of the Challenger Recycler Line Conical Generation II are:

- Off mode maintains set temperature while motors are off for up to 3 hours, ideal for shift shifting and during peak power times;
- It can be fed with ground shavings or through the coil puller, fully integrated with the norms NR 12;
- In the operation of the machine it is necessary only one man, being it the extruder itself;
- It has a panel with touchscreen, with connection at the point of computerized network for remote access, that is, it is possible to reprogram it online;
- Cutting system that does not use cold water, only water from the tower.

"One of the main advantages of the machine is the compact layout that occupies a small area, allowing it to be installed next to the extrusion process," says Wortex CEO Paolo De Filippis.

Video of the machine in operation: