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Threads and Barrel

Screws, barrels and accessories: are manufactured and recovered by Wortex with international standard technology essential for plastic (blowing, injection and extrusion), food and rubber industries that pursue productivity, economy and high quality for its final product.

Screws, barrels (mono and double) and accessories for injection, blowing and extrusion machines:
Implemented in high precision equipment, according to drawings or samples, with diameters from 25mm to 400mm and length up to 10,000mm. Steel with special treatment, which is suitable for the processed raw material.

Bimetallic alloys incorporated into threads and barrels:
• Long durability
• High accuracy of alignment and concentricity
• Maximum resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Special welds applied in thread recovery.

Special Projects of Threads and Barrels (Mono and Double)
At WORTEX Technological Center, every project is developed, drawn and adequate: from the raw material, process to the equipment of each customer.

Types of Projects:
• Injection unit diameter decrease;
• Complete vacuum degassing systems;
• Gas injection systems (NITROGEN, CO2 and others);
• Special design of nozzles, rings, nozzle holders and injector nozzles;
• Barrier threads (• Increased productivity per kg / h / ampere • Increased plastification and homogenization capacity • Perfect mass control • Decrease in cycles and rejection rate • Better extruded quality • Mixing, distribution and dispersion systems);
•And others