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Wortex: recycled with virgin resin biotype

Although filmmaking can operate today below its installed capacity, the industry continues to invest in machinery whose efficiency reverts to fewer chips. The consequent reduction in its supply has led recyclers to seek out tailor-made equipment for the development of new types of recycled products, derived from flexible post-consumer refuse.

The two fronts of this scenario encourage Paolo De Filippis, CEO of Wortex, to launch the compact Challenger Recycler Conical 55mm Generation II film recycling line. "It was designed to work next to the extruders, allowing the immediate reuse of chips, refills and polyolefin coils, avoiding the transportation of these materials to other storage sites, capable of contaminating them," explains the leader. By table, it beckons with the production of a recycle of low degradation index, same granulometry of the virgin resin and in conditions to be sent directly to the system of gravimetric feeding. "Laminates can also be processed in this equipment, as long as they do not need degas," he conditions.

In addition to energy savings and low labor costs, Fillipis introduces a productivity above average of around 90 kg / h and the whole automated system. "Once the chips are generated, the operators can put them in the machine's mill, which is used to feed the silo which, in turn, has to be simultaneously supplied by non-specification coils", says the CEO. It is also possible to bag the recycled material which will eventually feed the main extruder ". As he reiterates, the new equipment was designed for the film transformer to recycle its shavings with virgin material attributes and low investment.

 Wortex: recycled with virgin resin biotype

                                                     Challenger Recycler Conical 55mm Generation II

Source: Plastic Magazine / Wortex Machines